White Bear Lake
2051 County Road E.  White Bear Lake, MN 55110
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Phone: 651.653.3959

What if I need to miss a class?

No problem. This happens all the time with the busy schedules kids have these days. You are always welcome to come to a different class time that day, or if you have to miss altogether, just make up that class in the next session. Let’s say you will miss class #5, just come to class #5 in the next session.  You can attend ANY A+ location that fits your schedule.
NOTE:  The state only allows students to complete 3 hours of drivers ed per day.  Therefore, you can only attend 1 class session per day.
Please EMAIL the office the day before to confirm class is being held.

What if I need to miss a bunch of classes?
Again, no problem.  Just make up the days of class you missed in another session at ANY location. Please EMAIL the office the day before to confirm class is being held.

Can I start on any day?
YES!  Please still register on our website and let us know in the “Comments” section that you will be starting later in the session. 

Can a student attend different class times?
YES!  For example, if the location has multiple class times per day and you are enrolled in a 2-5pm class and something comes up, you can just show up to the 6-9pm class on that day. Please EMAIL the office the day before to confirm class is being held.

Can a student attend different locations?
YES!  Students can attend ANY A+ location.  We ask that you EMAIL the day before so we can let the instructor know to expect you.

What if a class is labeled “FULL”?
We can usually accommodate a student that needs to make up a class, even if the class is full.  Please EMAIL the office the day before so we can verify.

A+ Driving School is proud to offer a parent informational meeting.  This is open to ANYONE at any stage of the licensing process. It is an enjoyable 90 minute meeting that will cover the following information and make your student the safest driver possible.

* GDL Process and Licensing
* Accident Avoidance
* A+ Driving School’s classroom policies and BTW scheduling
* Parental Guidelines
* Insurance Rates and Discounts

We offer the class at our White Bear Lake, Maple Grove, and Prior Lake locations.  It is a 90 minute informational meeting and we highly recommend it to all the parents of our students.

**Attending this class will meet the requirement to REDUCE the number of hours that students need to drive with a parent from 50, to 40 hours.

Click Here for SCHEDULE

A+ offers a free shuttle van that will pick students up and drop them at the classroom location.
Our shuttle is available for all students and will shuttle them to our White Bear Lake location for the 3:00pm class ONLY.

PICKUP LOCATION-White Bear Lake North Campus
Outside the WEST Door off of Bald Eagle Avenue 
(NOT in main parking lot where buses pickup–it is too busy)
PICKUP TIME:  2:20pm

PICKUP LOCATION-North St. Paul –North High School
Outside the Main Entrance
PICKUP TIME:  2:50pm

*If you are making up a class and need the shuttle, please call our office to confirm pickup*
**Parents will need to pick up the student at the A+ Office after class**

Total Package:  $375
Payment Option:  class = $240  BTW = $165

All that needs to be paid is the classroom portion.  You can break that down into any payments you’d like.  You need to have at least $50 paid by the 2nd day of class if you’d like to continue the course.  You can pay the behind-the-wheel (btw) fee when you schedule your btw lessons.

Is your student currently in class?  Click here to make an additional payment:  Pay Online

Class Dates:  Dec. 4,5,6,7,8,11,12,13,14,15
SIGN UP     Class Time 3-6pm

Class Dates:  Dec. 22,23,24, 26,27,28,29,30,31, Jan 1
XMAS Break Class!
SIGN UP     Class Time 9-12noon

More dates coming soon!