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A+ Driving School is proud to offer a parent informational meeting.  This is open to ANYONE at any stage of the licensing process. It is an enjoyable 90 minute meeting that will cover the following information and make your student the safest driver possible.

* GDL Process and Licensing
* Accident Avoidance
* A+ Driving School’s classroom policies and BTW scheduling
* Parental Guidelines
* Insurance Rates and Discounts

It is a 90 minute informational meeting and we highly recommend it to all the parents of our students.

**Attending this class will meet the requirement to REDUCE the number of hours that students need to drive with a parent from 50, to 40 hours.

Total Package:  $300
Payment Option:  class = $150  BTW = $165

All that needs to be paid is the classroom portion.  You can break that down into any payments you’d like.  You need to pay at least $50 with your registration online and the remainder can be paid by the 4th day of class.  If you need additional payment arrangements, please contact our office.  You can pay the behind-the-wheel (btw) fee when you schedule your btw lessons.

Class Dates:  June 2018 4,5,6,7,8,  11,12,13,14,15
SIGN UP     Class Time 9-12noon