Rockford High School Students

A+ is proud to announce our partnership with Rockford Schools!  Students can complete the classroom portion through the Rockford Schools, and then register with A+ for the behind-the-wheel portion.
Please follow the Registration link to get started.

6 Hour Package  Behind-the-Wheel Only   $295
(payment option:   $110 per lesson-3 lessons)

You should drive for 2 months and then call us to schedule your first lesson.  Then space out your other two lessons so that your last lesson is relatively close to the time you want to take your driving test.  By spacing out your lessons, you get time to practice the techniques we have taught you and are not pushed beyond your driving abilities.  PLEASE PLAN AHEAD, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO SCHEDULE YOUR LESSONS.

A+ Driving School helped make my drivers training experience fun, even while learning. The people who work with you give you excellent tips and help you feel comfortable behind the wheel. I am confident that I am prepared to take my drivers test and begin driving safely on my own. Kelsey, High School Student