11972 Portland Ave S  Burnsville MN 55337
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Phone: 651.653.3959

Walking Directions to Office Condos “Minnesota Valley Town Offices”:
Exit Burnsville High School front door and go west (right) toward Portland Ave
Turn RIGHT on Portland (North on Portland, toward Cliff Road/AWAY from 13)
Our building will be up about half a block on the left (West Side of Portland)
Our entrance is in the corner of complex at 11972 Portland
(A+ is in the same complex as Kusske Financial Management and Lancet Software and ACROSS the street from Creative Color Inc.)

  • Have a busy schedule?  Can’t find two weeks for class?  Just Flex It!
  • Students may receive their learner’s permit as soon as they finish 15 hours of class!  Studies have shown that the more practice hours a student has behind-the-wheel, the more successful they are when they are driving on their own.
  • It is imperative that student’s receive practice time during all seasons.  It is also helpful for them to practice on all types of roads and in unfamiliar traffic so they are ready to drive safely on their own.  (*We recommend having a permit for at least 9+ months and practicing 100+ hours with parents)

Make it up at in ANY A+ Flex class session at ANY A+ Flex location!

Every driver under the age of 18 who completes behind the wheel instruction and is testing for a provisional driver’s license must submit a driving log.

The driving log must show that the teen driver has completed at least:
50 hours (3000 minutes) of supervised driving, including 15 (900 minutes) of which are nighttime hours.

A+ Driving Log

Permit class (and 1st BTW)= $195
Skills class (and 2nd-3rd BTW) = $195

Contact our office at 651.653.359
Get Your Permit in 5 Days!   How does it work?

  • Sign up for and attend 5-day Flex “Permit Class”
  • Once student has valid permit, schedule 1st behind the wheel lesson (recommend practicing 10-15 hours prior to first lesson)
  • Attend 5-day Flex “Skills Class” (Must be completed within 3 months of receiving permit.)
  • Schedule 2nd behind the wheel lesson (after 30 hours of practice time)
  • Schedule 3rd behind the wheel lesson (after 50+ hours of practice time)


For upcoming classes, please check out our Lakeville location!