You can be 14 to start driver’s ed but you have to be 15 to take your permit (knowledge) test. Usually it is better to wait until it is closer to your 15th birthday because you will remember all the information more clearly.

Just show up with a pen and paper on the first day of class and we’ll go over everything. We don’t require payment for the class until the 2nd day. We can even work out a payment plan for you!

Yes, for example, if you are enrolled in the 2-5pm class and something comes up, you can just show up to the 6-9pm class on that day. Just give us a call to let us know.

No problem. This happens all the time with the busy schedules kids have these days. You are always welcome to come to a different class time that day, or if you have to miss altogether, just make up that class in the next session. Let’s say you will miss class #5, just come to class #5 in the next session.

Just follow this link to REGISTER.  It’s as easy as that!

No. We don’t require payment until the 2nd day of class. All that is due is the classroom fee. If you need a payment plan, just let us know.  You can pay the behind-the-wheel (btw) fee when you schedule your btw lessons.

You will take the permit (knowledge) test at one of the State exam centers. You will need to bring Birth Certificate (or valid Passport), SSN CARD (or current school Id).  You will fill out a permit application, have your photo taken, and have your vision tested. The cost of the permit is $14.25 (price subject to change). We will give you all this information on the last day of class.

After you get your plastic permit card, you can register your permit number on our website.  Once registered, you can schedule your first behind-the-wheel lesson. We recommend the first lesson be taken about a month (15-20 hours of practice driving completed with parent) after you get your permit. If at all possible, you should drive with a parent or guardian to get acquainted with driving for 15-20 hours. That way, you don’t waste your first lesson with us just showing you where the gas pedal is, or how to turn the car on. Start by driving on quiet side streets and remember to always have your permit with you.

Yes. It is against the law for us to let you drive without your permit. If you lost your permit you can get a duplicate. Bring your identification and a parent or guardian with you to any license center to get a duplicate permit. You will not have to re-take the permit exam.

You will have individual lessons with the instructor, just 1 on 1. You won’t be graded on the lessons, but we will offer insight and correct any bad habits we see arising. You will receive an evaluation checklist of all the things we worked on in the lesson. The lessons are 2 hours long which gives us enough time to really teach driving in depth.

You will need your permit card, driving log, your “white card” (which you get from us on your third behind-the-wheel lesson), vehicle insurance card, and your vehicle needs to be eligible for the test. Check the driver’s manual for vehicle requirements. If you are under 18, your parents will need to sign the driver’s license application to give you permission to drive.  You will need your SSN for the license application.

Yes, if you give us enough time to schedule it. We will schedule enough time so you can reacquaint yourself with the car. *NOTE* It is usually best if you use the car you are most familiar with. You will log 6 hours of practice in our car, but you will log at least 30 hours in your own vehicle. If you are interested just call our office!

A+ Driving School has provided quality drivers education in Minnesota for over 22 years. We recognize the most dangerous thing that adults and teens do everyday is drive. As parents and instructors, our goal is to instill the driving skills and defensive techniques necessary for our children and students to be the safest drivers on the road. We look forward to being a part of this process with your child!