A+ Driving School vs. safeway
When choosing a driving school for your child:  Choose Wisely.  Choose A+ Driving School.

A+ Driving School specializes in teaching teen and adult drivers. Our classroom lessons are fun and interesting.  Our curriculum is modern and uses information from a variety of sources including AAA’s How to Drive. We have the newest fleet of cars in the state.  Our cars are clean, well-maintained, and display A+ graphics on the side. Our instructors are highly trained and are dedicated to helping our student become great drivers.  A+ class schedules are flexible and students can easily makeup any missed classes at any location!  Students will have private behind-the-wheel instruction. We offer convenient online resources including: Registration, BTW lesson scheduling, Payment Plans, and Credit Card payments. Parents and students especially appreciate email reminders and text confirmations leading up to their BTW lesson.  We can also take your child to the driving test and they can use our car!

No one has as many convenient locations in Minnesota than A+.