• Fill out the form, and we will schedule your driving test and your 3rd BTW lesson.  Depending on your eligibility, we will schedule the first available appointment.  You will receive an EMAIL once it is scheduled.

THE LESSON WILL BE DURING THE DAY. It will be at either the Arden Hills or Plymouth testing facility.

• This 3 hour lesson will include 2 hours of practice and 1 hour for the driving test.

• You will take your behind the wheel road test using the A+ car. All you need for this lesson is your permit.

• If you pass your road test, you will receive a “Passing Receipt.” You can then go to any license bureau, present your “Passing Receipt,” get your picture taken, fill out the paperwork, pay the license fee, and get a legal drivers license.

• There is a $15 fee to cancel this appointment.

A+ Adult Lesson AND Test

  • • Once we confirm the appointment date, there is a $15 fee to cancel or reschedule this appointment.

    • There is a $85 fee if the student isn't eligible to test. 

    If you are 18, you must have had permit for 6 months.

    If you are 19 and older, you must have had permit for 3 months..